Window Tinting in Kingsport, Tennessee

Kingsport, Tennessee, is a unique city in Sullivan and Hawkins counties. It is the largest city in both counties, but it’s not the county seat of either. Named after the King’s Boat Yard on the Houston River, the city has a thriving population of over 55,000.

While residents are pleased that Kingsport is cooler than most cities in Tennessee, summers can still get quite hot, especially in July when the average temperature is around 87-degree Fahrenheit.

A great solution for car owners is to opt for window tinting.

Window Tinting in Kingsport, Tennessee

Window tinting is perhaps the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to keep your car’s cabin temperature lower during the hot summer months. With window tinting, you won’t dread getting in your car after it has been parked in the sun.

The best tint shop for the job is Direct Auto Reconditioning, where they have highly skilled, trained, and experienced technicians for window tinting, auto detailing, ceramic coating, and paintless dent repair.

They can provide you with the best, high-quality car tints in the market and install them professionally for you as well.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Car owners in Kingsport, Tennessee, can expect numerous benefits when they opt for high-quality car window tints from Direct Auto Reconditioning.

Here are the three main ones.

● Curb Appeal

Your car will look smarter and more attractive than ever once you get a car tint from the best tint shop in Tennessee.

● Keep the Heat Out With IR Heat Rejection

Quality car window tints offer high infrared radiation (IR) rejection, which is how they reduce the heat being transmitted to your car cabin from the sun. It makes a significant difference to your daily life and driving experience, as you won’t feel your car cabin overheated after it has been parked in the sun.

This is great for your car’s interior because it reduces wear, allowing your interior to last longer. IR heat rejection is especially great for car owners prone to developing skin irritations from IR energy or who have sensitive skin.

● UV Protection

Sunlight produces harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which is bad for your health and car interior. Given that Kingsport sees over 200 sunny days a year, the near-complete UV protection from modern, high-quality window tinting can benefit car owners.

Type of Window Film/ Tint

You’ll find plenty of window film and car tinting options in the market, like low-quality dyed films, but these are not as good and sometimes risky. Realistically, there are only two high-quality options worth considering.

● Nano Carbon

Low-quality window film will fade and change color over time. However, true carbon window film is specially designed and guaranteed not to fade or change color for the lifetime of your car. High-quality options from Direct Auto Reconditioning also use no metal or dye in the making and offer excellent UV protection and IR heat rejection.

● Carbon Ceramic

A ceramic window also has no metal and instead uses high-quality ceramic to deliver 99 percent UV protection and IR heat rejection. The great thing about ceramic car window tint is that it also offers better visibility through glare protection.


Window tinting is perhaps the best way for car owners to beat the summer heat in Kingsport, Tennessee. Although, it is important to ensure that you only opt for high-quality Nano Carbon or Carbon Ceramic window films for your car tint.

We highly recommend Direct Auto Reconditioning as the best tint shop for premier, high-quality window tinting film and the most professional installation that will last you a lifetime.

If you want to learn more about window tinting in Kingsport, Tennessee, the benefits, types, or a free quote for your car tint, please call (423) 391-8093 or visit our website today!